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Hey guys! I had the best birthday ever!
Yea....It was on a Monday, but everyone is my 8 classes said happy birthday to me. My P.E. class sang happy birthday to me, which was nice. All my teachers said happy birthday to me! :cake: :cake:

I got 2 Sonic the Hedgehog games!!! I got Sonic Generations for the X-Box. And Sonic Lost World for the Wii-U. I also got $170.00 dollars!!

Best Birthday so far! :D
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: This Song Saved My Life
  • Reading: Why We Broke Up (Such a good book)
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Let's see...... I'm like a little kid by heart, sometimes...... I HATE drama! I also hate it when people are mean to other people, I act different when I'm around some people, But if you really now me, than....... :)
:cake: :party:
The true me- If you really know me I'm very nice and sweet. When I'm around people who are ALWAYS mean to me, I act like I hate EVERYTHING. When I'm at school, I don't act that way. Once I get home I'm mean because of my house. There is ALWAYS fighting going on. My family members think I can't do things just because I'm fuc**ng deaf! I'M NOT STUPID, YOU'RE THE ONES WHO ARE STUPID FOR THINKING LIKE THAT! :chainsaw: But also, I HATE it when people talk to me in the morning. I've been telling my 'mom' do NOT talk to my in the morning. Really, I just want to grabbed a knife sometimes and throw it at her face! :chainsaw: :fork: :finger:
What else.....OH! I'm not like other people, I'll tell you this, I'm deaf. Know what that means? I can't hear!! I wear hearing aids everyday for school. There I told you one secret. :bored:
I do great in school! I have a ton of friends! I also go to work with my mom sometimes, if I have no missing work for school.
My favorite color is YELLOW! :bulletyellow:
I have 3 guinea pigs, and 30 brother and sisters, but they don't live us, they live in Asia, I was born there.
I really want to stand up to people but I can't I'm scared that I'll hurt their feelings and other things. :strong:
1st guinea pig: Darwin- died 9-25-2012 at around 6:57am. I wish I was there when he died, but I was at the stupid bus stop for stupid school. He's in my backyard now. :( He took part of my heart.
2nd guinea pig: ****** ( I can't spell HER name)- she died 2 days after I got her. She was already sick. Stupid Pet-smart!
3rd guinea pig: Peter (aka beaver)- He lasted 1 week. I put him and Darwin together and since Darwin was bigger than him, Peter got stressed out from him, and he only lasted 1 week.
4th guinea pig: Cody- Cody died on 8-13-2014. I got him 1 year after Darwin. He is really shy and cute. He will let you do anything to him, and I mean anything, just not getting a bath. He took part of my personality.
5th guinea pig: Gnomeo- I got him from my moms friend. Shelly is her name, her kid wasn't taking care of him that well, so they were going to put him in the pound, but he was just die. So my mom took him, and now he's mine.
Every month on the 25th I go outside and see my little Darwin. Even on X-mas. I will go outside (even if it's snowing) and I will go outside to see Darwin. :( So, that's what I'm gonna do every year, for the rest of my life. R.I.P Darwin. How will I live with myself when all my guinea pigs are gone..... :cry:
Single or Taken- I'm Single!!! :nuu: <3 :squee:
Malaysia- I really want to go to there. I did my final in high school and it's sounds so cool!!!! I was did live there, but then I'm here now.....That's on my list for things in the future....Unless love takes over the plans I have for the future.
People I love: Jaden Smith :nuu: and Justin Bieber! :squee:
My future: Right now I wanna become an actor. I'm really In LOVE with Nadji Jeter. He's in grown ups 1 and 2. If the acting doesn't work out, I will still be a nurse. I just gotta earn $500 to become an actor. My dream is for us to fall in love. But yea, I can still dream, but who knows if that will come true one day. I see myself in a few years, after I'm done with school, with a good job and a husband. I always wanted to get married, and have kids. :)
All I want in life: All I want in life, is for someone to love me for who I am. I thought I found that someone, but no. Guys just use me, or cheat on me. I have a hard time with that now. But, it doesn't bother me if I KNOW that person really loves me back. But, I just hope they can see past me, since I wear hearing aids. That's what I'm scared of the most. :(

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